Invertebrate Medicine

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Title Invertebrate medicine
Author Lewbart, Gregory A.
Edition First
Year 2006
Publisher Blackwell Publishing

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Lewbart, G.A., 2006. Invertebrate medicine. Blackwell Publishing.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Introduction 3

Gregory A. Lewbart

Chapter 2. Sponges 7

Gregory A. Lewbart

Chapter 3. Coelenterates 19

Michael K. Stoskopf

Chapter 4. Turbellarians 53

Michael S. Bodri

Chapter 5. Gastropods 65

Roxanna Smolowitz

Chapter 6. Cephalopods 79

Joseph M. Scimeca

Chapter 7. Bivalves 91

Jay F. Levine, Mac Law, and Flavio Corsin

Chapter 8. Annelids 115

Gregory A. Lewbart

Color Plate Section

Chapter 9. Horseshoe Crabs 133

Stephen A. Smith

Chapter 10. Spiders 143

Romain Pizzi

Chapter 11. Scorpions 169

Fredric L. Frye

Chapter 12. Crustaceans 179

Edward J. Noga, Amy L. Hancock, and Robert A. Bullis

Chapter 13. Myriapods (Centipedes and Millipedes) 195

John R. Chitty

Chapter 14. Insects 205

John E. Cooper

Chapter 15. Nematodes 221

Michael S. Bodri

Chapter 16. Chaetognaths (Arrowworms) 235

Laura Foster

Chapter 17. Echinoderms 245

Craig A. Harms

Chapter 18. Urochordates 257

Robert S. Bakal

Chapter 19. Diagnostic Techniques and Sample Handling 263

Ilze K. Berzins and Roxanna Smolowitz

Chapter 20. Laws, Rules, and Regulating Agencies for Invertebrates 275

Daniel S. Dombrowski

Appendix 1. Invertebrate Neoplasms 297

Esther C. Peters

Appendix 2. Diseases of Invertebrates Notifiable to the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) 301

Appendix 3. Euthanasia 303

Michael J. Murray


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